Lapalisse is a city in the north of the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region, close to Vichy and is famous for its "vérités" or "lapalissades" sweets, its magnificent castle and its huge Biennale Traffic Hold-up celebration on the iconic holiday destination road.

Lapalisse is proud of its "Stop-over village", "Most beautiful detours in France "and two flowers Town in bloom awards.
Lapalisse, described since the Middle Ages as a "noteworthy passage through the Bourbonnais” is an acknowledged tourist destination with the historical route Nationale 7 running through it, overlooked by its castle. This (12th-16th century) edifice takes pride of place on the banks of the Besbre. Surrounded by an outstanding garden, the castle is intimately linked with the history of the Marshal of France,  Jacques II de Chabannes La Palice.
When it comes to nature, the Besbre river crossing the town and the floral park will delight you. This garden is made up of paths going off from a gazebo and is divided up into cascading basins with a French-style garden on one side and an English-style on the other.
Lovers of outsider art will be thrilled to discover the "Art en marche" museum and its impressive collection of works.
There are many leisure activities to enjoy in Lapalisse: flying club, horse riding and carriage driving, fishing in lakes and rivers, rambling (marked circuits), tennis, swimming pool, multi-media library, etc.
The city of truisms is also ranked as a Stop-over village and is ideal for camper vans. The surrounding areas have many must-see and must-do tourist attractions (churches, castles, museums, Bourbonnaise mountain landscape).
Our city is home to many events including the not-to-be-missed "great traffic hold-up", held every 2 years (even years) attracting over a thousand classic vehicles and thousands of spectators, all lovers of the iconic nationale 7. This event re-enacts the famous Lapalisse traffic jam every holiday period in the fifties and sixties.
You will love our specialities: the "vérités de Lapalisse"  and "lapalissades" sweets, the "pavé de la route bleue" biscuits, the oils of Lapalisse (walnut, hazelnut, etc), not forgetting the Bert foie gras, cheeses, delicatessen products and much more…



  • Warriors
  • Castel and the Besbre
    Castel and the Besbre
  • Traffic hold-up
    Traffic hold-up
  • Entrance to the town
    Entrance to the town
  • Entrance to the city
    Entrance to the city
  • Warriors
  • Close-up of a house
    Close-up of a house
  • Peony
  • the Tourist Board
    the Tourist Board
  • The floral park
    The floral park
  • Acacias lake
    Acacias lake


Lapalisse was awarded its second flower in 2009.