A word from the mayor

Dear Sir/Madam,

After the website being down for several months, the local authorities preferred to give it a complete make-over and myself and the municipal team now have the pleasure of presenting you this new space.

I would like to thank the members of the communication committee who worked on it, headed by  Fabienne Bouillet, Deputy of Communication.

We wanted it to be as comprehensive as possible in order to reply to all your queries and provide all the information you expect from it.

This new website is also open to tourists, short-term visitors or simply the curious-minded wishing to find out more about our city.

Lapalisse has changed over the past few years and become attractive since the opening of the bypass in 2006. The revamping of the town centre and now the "historical" quarter breathes new life into our commune. It suffered for a long time from HGV traffic while benefiting from major traffic on the route national 7.

On this subject, thanks to the traffic hold-up jointly organised with the community of communes of the pays de Lapalisse, our city is known across Europe for this major event which, we recall, rounded up in 2014 close to 1,000 pre-sixties cars and over 10,000 spectators.

So, after browsing through this website, I would incite those who are not yet familiar with the city of truisms to come and visit us. Its inhabitants, shopkeepers and craftsmen will extend their warmest welcome to you.

Kind regards,

The Mayor,
Chairman of the community of communes of the pays de Lapalisse,
Lapalisse canton departmental councillor.