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Association life


Godmother town to the Commandant Blaison ship

site avisoplaqueblaisonLapalisse is godmother to the Commandant Blaison ship.

This ship is the thirteenth of the  "d'Estienne d'Orves"-class aviso ships. Its construction began in 1979 and it has been allocated to Brest since 2000.

It was baptised in honour of the Commanding Officer of the frigate, Louis Blaison, born in Lapalisse in 1906 and who died in the Caribbean Sea in 1942.

A street in Lapalisse has been named after him.

Discover the seamen of the Commandant Blaison in their blog.

Most beautiful detours in France award

site photos lapalisse 16 avril 2010 070Lapalisse is listed among one hundred destinations by the association of the Most beautiful detours in France which "rounds up charming little, character-packed villages, either renowned or unknown enticing tourists away from the main tourist routes. Whatever the season, there is always accommodation and a quality welcome, a valued and attractive heritage, a real personality, gastronomical tradition, varied arts and crafts, a market or local fete to enjoy."

General delegation of the Most beautiful detours in France


Late 1998, on the initiative of Jean Jacques DESCAMPS and the town of Loches, 32 small towns came together to form this network of the Most beautiful detours in France. This was aimed at providing a consistent tourist offer to showcase the diversity of France's local regions, in particular outside the most well-known areas drawing 80% of visitors.

Backed by 100 communes (+ one overseas), the association has spread across France and into 71 départements. All these communes adhere to a bespoke specification and are audited on a periodical basis. The "Most beautiful detours in France" is more than just an award, it should be considered as a controlled name guaranteeing visitors that the detour is well worth their while.

LogoPBDF 300

Délégation générale Les plus beaux détours de France

26 rue de l'Étoile
75017 PARIS

Phone: 01 42 27 44 40

Activities and leisure activities

rando credit jerome mondiere CDT03

Enjoy our scenery to go for pleasant walks and make the most of various other leisure activities!

Hiking circuits

Phone: 04 70 99 08 39


By the river and for carp fishing at the Moulin Marin lake

Phone: 04 70 99 01 65

Horse and carriage driving school 

Phone: 04 70 99 26 12


Phone: 04 70 99 08 39

Flying club

Phone: 04 70 41 36 76

tennis lapalissetourisme

Hot-air balloon

Phone: 07 22 15 03 43


Phone: 04 70 99 76 29

Find out more by logging onto the website of the Office de tourisme Pays de Lapalisse.

Stop-over village award

site logo2015The Stop-over village award is granted by the French Ministry of Equipment to communes meeting with the Stop-over village charter - very strict when it comes to services and hosting.

On 25 October 2006 when the bypass of the route national 7 was officially opened, Lapalisse became the 19th member of the Stop-over village network.


A stop-over village has less than 5,000 inhabitants, is located less than 5 km or 5 min from a free motorway exit or expressway. A stop-over village is eager to preserve its authentic village character.

It offers road users a whole host of services tuned to each individual need:

  • basic shops (bakery, butcher-delicatessen, grocer, newsagent),
  • a varied choice of dining while discovering the culinary traditions of each village,
  • classified hotels to enjoy a rest and peace and quiet,
  • a 2-star Tourist office and Tourist Information centre,
  • an equipped, shaded picnic area,
  • and much, much more...

As well as being a pledge of quality and road safety for motorists, stop-over villages are also the gateway to discovering the local area thereby boosting the economy of the communes.

The national federation (FNVE)

The national federation of stop-over villages helps develop the concept.

It has set itself three tasks: to represent the 42 stop-over villages with regard to partners, adherence to the quality of services provided and to expand the network.


Fédération nationale des Villages étapes

16 Place Jourdan
87000 Limoges

Fax : 05 55 35 24 46
Mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Contact : Béatrice Coiffard

Regional specialities and products

site CHOCOLATIER THEVENET 3 lapalissetourisme

Les Vérités, pavé Nationale 7 and lapalissades

The "vérité" is a speciality of Lapalisse forming a sweet with a crunchy sugar outside and soft caramel centre that comes in different flavours: raspberry, blueberry, hazelnut, coffee, rum, caramel.

They are individually wrapped and put in see-through bags or a charming round metal box.

The name " lapalissade" was inspired from a confectioner from Lapalisse, Jean Sauvadet, who, in 1922, named his sweets the "vérités de Lapalisse", with the approval of the family descendant. The brand has been held by Séverine and Olivier Thévenet since 2002 who now run the "Aux Vérités de Lapalisse" branding.

With the great traffic hold-up in mind and in memory of the RN7, Olivier also created "le pavé nationale 7" (registered trademark), a subtle blend of praline chocolate and crunchy nougatine.

The master craftsman, André Thépénier runs the brand at La Tentation and les lapalissades speciality, a sweet that comes in coffee, chocolate, raspberry, blueberry and praline flavours.



Fancy a sweet?

  • Chocolats de Lapalisse
    Chocolats de Lapalisse
  • Délices de lapalisse
    Délices de Lapalisse
  • Huilerie de Lapalisse
    Huilerie de Lapalisse
  • Huilerie de Lapalisse
    Huilerie de Lapalisse
  • Market
  • Vérités de Lapalisse
    Vérités de Lapalisse
  • Vérités de Lapalisse
    Vérités de Lapalisse

A la Tentation 

Maître artisan, pâtissier et chocolatier
Producteur des « Lapalissades » et des « Aliénés »

Phone: 04 70 99 08 34

Aux Vérités de Lapalisse 

Pâtissier et chocolatier
Spécialité « Les vérités de Lapalisse » depuis 1923.

Phone: 04 70 99 05 01

Délices de Lapalisse 

The right sweet and sour balance. The shop also has numerous regional products for sale.

Phone: 04 70 97 57 80

Les Huileries de Lapalisse

and its l'Échoppe des Saveurs shop

Since 1898 all the oils are made in keeping with the rules of the trade under the watchful eye of a master oil maker.

Phone: 04 70 99 76 73

Délices de Babette

Fine foods (wines, coffee, tea), bar, tea room.

Phone: 04 70 99 20 68



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